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Healing Your Relationship with Money

Money is an integral part of our lives, and our relationship with it can have a profound impact on our overall well being. It’s essential to have a healthy relationship with money.This Workshop is designed to help you to understand your relationship with money and align your behavior and your mind to attract more abundance into your life.

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Family Constellations Events

Break free from transgenerational entanglements and destructive patterns.

I have facilitated more than 200 group constellations throughout California.
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What to expect: Each workshop a client will have commissioned a constellation for an issue that is blocking them from living fully. The group assists to uncover what the past source might be.
Constellations are appropriate for all issues: from relationships or career to illness or emotional difficulties. Usually the areas we feel blocked and cannot change are where we are paying unconscious allegiance to a family survival pattern and repeating it in our daily lives without even knowing its origin. Members of the group will be chosen to represent different characters from the clients’ life. During a constellation we are not trying to change the past, or even to heal it, although amazing transformations do happen. We desire simply to acknowledge how things actually are, without resistance or judgment. The paradox is that in seeing and agreeing to things as they are, we open the door for new possibilities in the future.
The process of acting as a representative is usually deeply healing as it often connects the representative with places in their own lives that are blocked and need flow. When you represent, you step outside of your familiar patterns and experience a different perspective, which opens doors to new possibilities in your own daily life. The compassionate nature of constellations is contagious. The more you swim in it, the less likely you are to judge yourself and others. Simply coming to represent repeatedly in Constellations frequently leads to big changes in people’s lives. This is a direct experience of something completely outside of how we move through daily life. Whether you represent, or simply witness, most people find Constellations extremely joyful, even when the subjects we deal with are painful or intense. It is a wonderful modality for doubters because it does not require belief in anything. You do not need to have any training or special practice. You simply have to show up and be willing to be curious and openhearted! Admission is free for those who simply want to witness or wish to participate as representatives. ​If you are new to Constellations, please watch the introductory video below before you come! Click here to be added to our mailing list or to request a constellation of your own.
To learn more about Family Constellations, please visit the Resources page.
If you are new to this work, please watch the introductory video below before coming to an event! To learn more about Family Constellations, please visit the Resources page.

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