Ana Maria Cardoso

Ana Maria Cardoso,  Ph.D.

Hi, my name is Ana Maria and I am delighted  you found your way to my website!

​Here is a little bit of my story and how my trajectory to this work.

I started my professional life as a passionate Biologist, earned a PhD in the field of genetics, and became a professor/researcher at the  University of Campinas – UNICAMP – in Brazil.

After ten years in the field my life turned 180 degrees when  a spiritual life was shown to me and  I moved to California. This inner journey helped me to become  deeply  present to myself and others and that beautifully refined the quality of the attention I give to others.

Later I experienced another huge shift  when I discovered the fascinating field of neuroscience in my personal quest to understand human behavior, and find solutions for  problems I had in my own life; and that led me to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and its amazing ability to bring change  to deep, long-standing negative life patterns. Family Constellations is another modality offering unexpected ways of helping people to shift in areas that have felt unresolved their entire life.  I earned my NLP Master Practitioner certificate, and also trained as a Family Constellations Facilitator under the leading trainers at the internationally known school, NLP Marin.

Ana Maria Cardoso Coaching

Learning and Applying These Techniques to Myself Opened Unexpected New Horizons and Possibilities in My Life.

Another strong influence in my life has been Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communications (NVC) work, a powerful tool for learning skillful communication that forms deeper and more trusting relationships. In addition, I received my credential in Integral Coaching from New Ventures West in San Francisco. As a Transformational Life Coach, it's my life's joy to facilitate change in people’s lives, enabling them to flourish and thrive in life.

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